The Future.

Hello everyone! I have not posted in a long time, but today I would love to share a few things that have been on my heart recently. 

So, where do I even start? These past couple of months have been a season of questions… What do I do next year? Where do I study? Do I even study? What’s my plan? And more importantly, what’s God’s plan? 

As a follower of Jesus, I have realised that we can sometimes do the opposite of what we are supposed to do as sons and daughters of the King. Instead of living “freely and lightly” as we step by step follow what He has for us, we place so much pressure on ourselves as we fret that we are not walking in His will, in His plan for our lives. 

However, the reality is, as Christians we are not designed to live our lives weighed down by the doubt or self-imposed pressure of whether or not we are walking in what our Father has for us. Rather, we can simply rest in the knowledge of His goodness, that if we are walking our everyday, ordinary lives out for His glory and in a way that brings Him worship, God will open and close the doors of opportunities that we either need to take or not. 

I have realised that God does not wait for us to figure out His plan before He sets it in motion. He does not hide from us, He is always speaking, therefore we just need to be open to what He has to say, not allowing our finite expecations to limit the expansive reality of what He has planned for us. 

I have also come to the realisation that the more time I spend with Him, in His presence, the more my desires will align with His and therefore the more He is able to fulfil such desires. Instead of trying to convince Him of what I want in a long-winded prayer and then ending it off with a lovely, “If it’s your will Father” I am able to confidently pray for favour and guidance in situations as He works things together behind the scenes. 

 So, as I was on the treadmill a couple of nights ago, zoning out one second then having to regain my balance the next (ha!).

I began to ask myself the question of “What do I actually want? What is the deep desire of my heart?” because if it is for His glory and praise then I should probably go for that. And in the moment of trying to whip out my Iphone notes and keep running without tripping over my own feet, I began to type:

TO WORSHIP HIM (Yes in all capitals) 

And: I want to live a life of total and all-consuming worship and surrender. (Again, some very deep treadmill thoughts)

Now when I speak about worship, I mean a life of worship. Of bringing Him praise and leaning into the whispers that I hear in the secret place. I love love love to sing. If I could live my life in a worship set I totally would. However, this is not practical and totally not what God designed for us. He designed for us a life of surrender in more aspects than one. In surrendering our pride, extending grace to others and leading them to His feet; in surrendering our ordinary, everyday lives (Romans 12:2) and in surrendering our comfort as He stretches our capacity and leads us to break down borders and bring about revival for Him.

So, my friends, if you were looking for an answer as to what to do in the future or how to hear directly from the Holy Spirit as to what your ten year plan should be, let me tell you. You are overcomplicating it. God gives us access to what He wants us to know, we just need to be attentive. However, if we simply do everything for His glory, while surrendering all of ourselves to Him we will come to the realisation that actually everything will begin to fall into place. For all things work together for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)


Matilda xo

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