An Update – Life is Wild, Jesus is Kind.

Okay hi blog xxx It’s been a while.  Lots has changed over the last couple of months. I have moved countries, started a new job, begun moving in new directions, embraced a simpler, less noisy and complicated existence, in constant opposition of the shiny allure of task and work and busyness. But most importantly, my […]

Lonely Places

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” (Luke 5:16) As the world begins to open up again, and solitude is more of a decision than mandated, I have found myself digging deep in realising that this chosen solitude is not only the ideal circumstance of rest, processing, prayer. It is imperative to the […]

Christ & His (ever-transforming) Bride

As I sit here in a local cafe on a semi-misty, not too cold Wednesday afternoon, I am listening to the conversation behind me. A conversation between what seems to be two old friends – two elderly women. And they are having an all too familiar conversation: evaluating the pros and cons of different churches, […]

Growing Ever Younger – The Pursuit of Childlikeness.

Am I childlike? Nope. Life’s too serious. The world is falling apart. Maturity is glorified, joy without warrant is shameful. How dare you look around you with wide-eyed wonder when every expectation will continuously be trampled upon?  Insert “Bubowwwww” air horn noise – no. Sorry kids (yeah does that make you uncomfortable?), you’re wrong.  This […]

My friend, Jesus.

  While the world has geared towards productivity these last few weeks, the Church has geared towards spending more time getting to know Jesus. Getting to know the Word. Delving into new depths of relationship with Him. While time spent in devotion with our Saviour is imperative to our growth in relationship with Him, I’m […]

His Glory Given// His Glory Revealed.

Hello my friends, I started this post on January 1st 2020. I had prayed about what the Lord had wanted me to focus on this year, and it sounded wonderful. Glory. “His glory revealed, His glory given”. Something challenging, but something that seemed, contextually, pretty easy, something that might simply require a heart shift. I […]

To My Knees

Hello my friends… It is currently Christmas day, and I am curled up on my unnaturally comfortable couch, feeling very satisfied after eating my weight in baked potatoes. Today I am reminded once again of His faithfulness and goodness. That I am able to experience life in abundance because of my Father who sent His […]

“On the Cusp”

Recently, I have had this unusual sense of expectation. Not for anything in particular, but nevertheless, for something extraordinary. I don’t quite know what God wants to do… I also know that He definitely outworks the extraordinary in what may seem mundane, that He continues to do the craziest of things in our seemigly rhythmic […]

The Future.

Hello everyone! I have not posted in a long time, but today I would love to share a few things that have been on my heart recently.  So, where do I even start? These past couple of months have been a season of questions… What do I do next year? Where do I study? Do […]


Shame: a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behaviour. It honestly devastates me how many times people have told me they wouldn’t come to church because they were not in the “right space” or because they were not living a “good” life. In the last few years […]

“Citizen of Heaven”

“Where are you from?” The dreaded question asked all too often as soon as you open your mouth and your slightly obnoxious Australian-British-South African accent comes out. A question that seems simple yet holds the weight of my being; it is the question of my identity. Now it is not simply the answer to that […]

2019- “The year of the dinner party”​

One thing I noticed in 2018 is how fast life seems to pass us by. Work, family and church move so quickly… and in the midst of life darting by it can be very easy to lose sight of one of the main reasons we are here on this earth… and that is to love, […]

2018- The Year Of Grace

Hello friends! Happy New Year! It is currently a few minutes past midnight on the 1st January 2019. My first few minutes of this year. These past few months have been an absolute whirlwind. I wrote exams, celebrated my seventeenth, reapplied for a visa, travelled to Australia and ate a few too many Christmas dinners! […]


A vicious cycle of comparison and self-judgement. That small biting voice in my head, telling me “that’s not good enough”, “if only you…” until I begin to subtract myself from this equation called life and reduce myself to what the enemy wants me to believe… because at the end of the day… comparison will kill you…

Pre-emptive LOVE

Pre-emptive love. The act of loving first, asking questions later. A childlike love- an innocent five-year-old looking up at a complete stranger, wonder glimmering in their eyes as they instinctively love others before asking questions… until their cautious mothers swiftly grab their chubby little wrists and drag them away. And so, the cycle begins. We […]

Dancing in the valleys and the complacency trap.

A blip. My life here on earth in comparison to eternity. And yet my complaints seem to echo as I sit and wallow in my misery, am pushed down by my burdens and am content in being a victim. I complain about how the pain seems to weigh me down, so that I cannot physically […]

Expectation vs. Reality

About three weeks ago, my church held a youth and young adults conference called “Encounter”. Three days of worship, crazy tribal wars and as the name states, “encounters” with God. These three days were absolutely incredible… and God did literally above and beyond what I ever could have expected Him to do. However, three weeks […]

Created to be a creator

CALLING ALL CREATIVES! Hello! So I don’t know about you, but this last month has been incredibly busy. Meaning time and the opportunity to just be seems to have quickly slipped away from me. In the midst of studying French verbs and trying to squeeze in the occasional gym session, I seemed to lose out on the […]


Have you ever felt overwhelmed? If you have, my friends, then you are TOTALLY not alone. These past couple of weeks have been completely overwhelming- I have felt as if I am constantly stressing about something. It has been as if my seemingly fuller and fuller days would engulf me and even if there was […]

The Beginning of The Beginning.

Hey guys! My name is Matilda… and this is my blog! Ever since I was small, I have absolutely LOVED to write… from adventure stories to journalling everyday I am constantly writing. Although I have never felt like I could share my writing. As a ten year old girl I would make “blogs” (which were […]

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