“Citizen of Heaven”

“Where are you from?” The dreaded question asked all too often as soon as you open your mouth and your slightly obnoxious Australian-British-South African accent comes out. A question that seems simple yet holds the weight of my being; it is the question of my identity. Now it is not simply the answer to that… Continue reading “Citizen of Heaven”

Expectation vs. Reality

About three weeks ago, my church held a youth and young adults conference called "Encounter". Three days of worship, crazy tribal wars and as the name states, "encounters" with God. These three days were absolutely incredible... and God did literally above and beyond what I ever could have expected Him to do. However, three weeks… Continue reading Expectation vs. Reality


Have you ever felt overwhelmed? If you have, my friends, then you are TOTALLY not alone. These past couple of weeks have been completely overwhelming- I have felt as if I am constantly stressing about something. It has been as if my seemingly fuller and fuller days would engulf me and even if there was… Continue reading OVERWHELMED//OVERWHELMING PEACE

The Beginning of The Beginning.

Hey guys! My name is Matilda... and this is my blog! Ever since I was small, I have absolutely LOVED to write... from adventure stories to journalling everyday I am constantly writing. Although I have never felt like I could share my writing. As a ten year old girl I would make "blogs" (which were… Continue reading The Beginning of The Beginning.