Growing Ever Younger – The Pursuit of Childlikeness.

Am I childlike? Nope. Life’s too serious. The world is falling apart. Maturity is glorified, joy without warrant is shameful. How dare you look around you with wide-eyed wonder when every expectation will continuously be trampled upon?  Insert “Bubowwwww” air horn noise - no. Sorry kids (yeah does that make you uncomfortable?), you’re wrong.  This… Continue reading Growing Ever Younger – The Pursuit of Childlikeness.

His Glory Given// His Glory Revealed.

Hello my friends, I started this post on January 1st 2020. I had prayed about what the Lord had wanted me to focus on this year, and it sounded wonderful. Glory. "His glory revealed, His glory given". Something challenging, but something that seemed, contextually, pretty easy, something that might simply require a heart shift. I… Continue reading His Glory Given// His Glory Revealed.

To My Knees

Hello my friends… It is currently Christmas day, and I am curled up on my unnaturally comfortable couch, feeling very satisfied after eating my weight in baked potatoes. Today I am reminded once again of His faithfulness and goodness. That I am able to experience life in abundance because of my Father who sent His… Continue reading To My Knees