“On the Cusp”

Recently, I have had this unusual sense of expectation. Not for anything in particular, but nevertheless, for something extraordinary. I don’t quite know what God wants to do… I also know that He definitely outworks the extraordinary in what may seem mundane, that He continues to do the craziest of things in our seemigly rhythmic everyday lives.

What I have learnt recently is that “Kingdom Time” is a little bit different to that of the natural. While we, in our limited capacity to gain full perspective feel as if life is too busy, going by too quickly, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, too drawn out, we jump from “waiting season” to “waiting season”; God (with the ultimate perspective), is remembering when he handcrafted our days to be 24 hours- just long enough to get eveything that NEEDS to be done, done. Or when he put a limit on our time on earth, a blip in comparison to eternity- but long enough to find Him, serve Him, and lead others into relationship with Him.

Over the past months, I have also realised that the “Kingdom Clock” does not quite work like ours either. While our days may seem long, His are infinitely longer. A message spoken a couple of weeks ago mentioned this concept found in Psalm 90:4 (NIV)

“A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night”

You see, if one day to Him is a thousand of our years, then in His timing, he is ALWAYS a couple of seconds from the next moment of breakthrough, from the next generation of people who are going to literally change the narrative of the world as it stands today. In God’s timing we are ALWAYS on the cusp of something magnificent, and since His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:8-9) and His timing is perfect, we need to always be standing in expectaion of what He is going to do next.

Now when I say God is going to do something crazy, yes, I do mean I have expectation for the big things. However, I also believe it is imperative to have belief for the small.

The reality is, we simply DO NOT KNOW when revival is going to break out, when miracles are going to be set in motion, or even when Jesus is going to return. Therefore, let’s start living everyday in expectation of the wonderful moments that lay ahead of us- let’s start living like we are “on the cusp“.


Matilda xo

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