2019- “The year of the dinner party”​

One thing I noticed in 2018 is how fast life seems to pass us by. Work, family and church move so quickly… and in the midst of life darting by it can be very easy to lose sight of one of the main reasons we are here on this earth… and that is to love, to have fellowship with people. So, this year I am choosing to leave that in the past…

My biggest goal this year is to build deeper relationships with people, to get to know people’s hearts, behind the false pretences of having an immaculate life. I love Church, and I love the community that is created when a beautifully diverse people come together, united by one cause, however, the few minutes before and after a service sometimes just doesn’t cut it when building relationships.

One thing I have learned over my few years of life is that church is not just the conventional sitting in rows and listening to a person on a platform… but it is actually simply gathered around a table, hearts open and conversations flowing until the food has run out and the only light in the room comes from the dying embers in the fireplace. Church is talking about our Father and the secrets he whispers to us when we do life with Him. It is the sharing of what He does in our lives, the coming together to pray in unity and to dream about the future. Therefore, I want 2019 to be the year of dinner parties… where I can be a place of hospitality and deep relationship, that extends beyond convenience but contains all of the flawed and yet all the sparkling pieces of life.

Let’s make this year the “year of the dinner party” or of “the brunch club” or even just simply finding a good coffee shop. Let’s not allow ourselves to glorify “busyness” and not make time for people, or allow our messy houses and messy lives to get in the way of building relationships… Let’s eat good food and be intentional about meaningful interactions with one another.

So my friends, come over for dinner! I’ll be happy to meet you with open arms and a big bowl of pasta (or for all my gluten-free brothers and sisters- some zucchini noodles 😉 ) xx


Matilda xo

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