The Crucible

April 19, 2014

Wow! Big dream. Lots of images from my past and present. I was plagued by fear. People could easily manipulate me because I was afraid. I heard you say, “liquid character.” What are you trying to say?

Fear is a crucible. People have different melting points, but at some point most people’s character liquefies in the face of fear. I want to raise your melting point.

Uh oh. Sounds really scary, like you’re going to turn up the heat.

Some might see it that way. But are you willing to see me as FOR you, WITH you in difficult circumstances? I want you to be who YOU ARE in the face of critics, in the face of people who want to manipulate you.

How can I tell when it’s people manipulating me and when it’s you molding me?

Perfect love casts out fear. If fear is involved, it’s not me.

So you’re telling me not to fear, but people are about to turn up the heat?

Yes, but fear is the crucible. You don’t have to be IN the crucible.

I don’t have to live in fear, but in love.

What does love look like in this metaphor?

It’s not the fire, or the heat. It’s the light.

Yes! Live in me, in the light, in love! You don’t have to live in fear.

This post is part six of a series in which I share past prayer journal entries documenting my process out of spiritual abuse and into the freedom God intends for all of us. To read a synopsis of my story, click here. To go to the first of this series, read Looking Back.

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