A Math Meltdown

Yesterday was really hard with my third grader and her homeschool. She does fine until we get to math. Then she freezes up before she even sees the first question. I feel like I hover too much, like I haven’t given her the chance to really succeed on her own. Last week, when we did the place value cups, she soared! She really got it, and she felt so good about her accomplishment! But yesterday, she froze. What’s going on, and how do I help her? How can I build her confidence in math?

Peace. Be still. The storm is raging in you and in her. Your desire to see her succeed is putting pressure on her. She does need to know she can do it without your help. Take a break from your math curriculum for a while. Let her play online math games. Let her build her confidence in a way that she enjoys.

Take some deep breaths, mama. Don’t blame yourself for where she is. She is moving along the path that I have prepared for her. She is exactly where I want her to be right now. Don’t pressure her to take your path or strive for some arbitrary norm.

Look at my creation. You won’t find a “box” anywhere. I don’t put things in boxes. I don’t demand uniformity. Remember the waves. I love diversity. Be who you are. Let her grow at her own pace. Simply delight in her as she is today. Watch her thrive!

Follow up: Today went much better as I flowed with her energy and interest levels. She enjoyed playing math games online, and said she learned five new things! Success! Thank you, God.

Photo credit: R. Nial Bradshaw, https://tinyurl.com/mea9ofh.

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